Thursday, January 21, 2010

Connect your computer to the internet via Rogers LG Eve GW620R Android phone

I was wondering if the tricks that work on my Blackberry for modem tethering to let your computer surf the web from anywhere would work on the LG Eve Android phone from Rogers... and it does!

I tested it on Windows 7 32-bit plus Windows XP on Rogers Wireless and the speeds over 3G are excellent.  These instructions should work for Vista too.

  1. Install the GW620R LG Eve USB Drivers from the LG Support page
  2. Go to Device Manager, Modems, LG Mobile USB modem, Properties, Advanced and add the extra initialization command +cgdcont=1,"IP",""
  3. From Network and Sharing Center, Set up a new connection or network, Connect to the Internet, Create a new connection, Dial-up, Choose LG Mobile USB Modem
  4. Dial-up phone number: *99#, User name: wapuser1, Password: wap
  5. Optional Step: Dial up Connection Properties, turn off Prompt for name and password, turn of Prompt for phone number so that you don't have to click the extra prompt each time you connect.
Note that there are driver issues with Windows 7 64-bit so I doubt it will work but let me know if it does.

I initially tested PdaNet for Android which works fine but requires repeatedly turning on Settings, Applications, Development, USB Debugging, plus running the app on the phone and the computer.  It also costs $25 after the trial period.

This means there's no need to purchase an internet stick or run extra software to surf the web from your notebook from anywhere!


  1. Does that also work with the G1 send answer to please

  2. I don't have access to a G1 to test it but it's worth trying. You'll need the initialization string for T-Mobile from this website:

  3. nice one there. i'm quite appalled with LG Singapore's lack of support for the phone.

    bluetooth just doesnt seem to work either !

  4. Bluetooth works great for headsets but is hit and miss for tethering. Always start with USB. BB Bold, Curve, Storm etc. have similar challenges tethering over bluetooth. Works on some customer notebooks, not on others.

    Labour cost to customer is too high to justify fixing.

    wee hong, thanks for taking the time to drop a note.

  5. hmm. have you tried sending a file via bluetooth ?

    by the way, here's an interesting page to keep checks on firmware updates for LG Eve.

  6. Thanks, this worked for me. Do you know if it does 3G speeds like this, or just "high speed"?

  7. If I have the 3G symbol displaying on the phone I see around 1.5 Mb/s download and 300 Mb/s upload. Visit
    Your results will vary from location to location. At my son's karate class the signal is weak so I barely get dial up speeds.

  8. Excellent, thank you! I've been looking for this and I can't believe that neither the user manual nor Rogers/LG's support sites have this information.

  9. Hello,

    I have been trying to tether my LG ALLY - it seemed like I had it - then it disappeared - My carrier is Verizon.
    I installed the drivers, more drivers and more drivers, and then tried to connect through my verizon (I already have Verizon MIFI) It recognized it, said it was connecting, and then nothing.
    The reason I want to connect through my phone, is I only have 5GB per month, and this last month I had to login to work, and it ate all my megs up - My phone is paid for through work, so figured I might as well use my phone to connect to internet to save on my home internet meg usage...(if that makes sense.) I spent all weekend trying to get this to work - (and I am fairly computer competent..) and still no avail - thinking of just getting PDANet Application - as work would pay for it - but want to make sure it will work on my ALLY - THANKS!!

  10. Koiotic, you can try PDANet for one month free and you can test if it works for you...

  11. Thanks so much - I went ahead and tried the PDANet, and it works GREAT!! - It does only last for about a week though as full use. We cancelled our Verizon Broadband for 60.00 a month and were able to get my husband a smart phone as well for only 30.00 per month. In addition there price has gone down, it was only 16.00 when we purchased it.

    In addition to all of this, I was able to connect this to my computer and download a program and now my computer is a wireless router for the other computers, tv etc. in the house.

    PDANet is an amazing Application!! Totally recommend it. It is a little hard to get setup at first - its much easier if you download the drivers to your computer from a different internet first. Good Luck!!


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