Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blair Collins from presenting at CMA Ontario's Simplif•IT: Technology Foundations for Finance Professionals

Get the Job Done with Google: The consumerization of IT and what Google can do for your business beyond search, today!
A fundamental shift... There was a time when business technology was at the forefront of innovation and productivity. IT professionals have stopped innovating and rely on a handful of vendors who design bloated software that gets released every few years. At the same time, consumer technology has taken off. With the power of massive data centers, modern browsers and smart mobile devices at their fingertips, people find it easier than ever to communicate, create, and collaborate. Many people have fallen in love with the simplicity and freedom of these services, and they want to use them everywhere.
Learn more from and what solutions from Google your business can be using today! Plan now for the massive impact "The consumerization of IT" can have on your business now. Learn why Canadian Google Apps customers like Hoffman-LA Roche, Genetech, Solutions Stores-Your Organized Living, Golf Town, Delta Hotels, AMJ Campbell Van Lines, Feronia, Taylor Moving, Greenwood College, The York School and others love hitting "Refresh" on their business technology.

CMA Ontario Tech Symposium
Google+ Event

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