Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Interlockit.com becomes a Xero Certified Partner

Blair Collins, a Certified Management Accountant and Google Apps Certified Specialist has passed the necessary exams to become a Xero Certified Advisor.  This also means Interlockit.com is officially a Xero Certified Partner and able to integrate your business with our favourite small business online accounting solution.  Xero boasts over 110,000 customer's worldwide and has grown 118% from last year.
Here's why we like Xero:
  1. Collaboration - Xero's software is integrated with Google Apps so you're only 2 clicks away from opening the financial dashboard and doing your accounting in real time.  No separate passwords to memorize, but still completely secure and encrypted.
  2. 100% Web Based Cloud Computing - Work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.  Too many vendors are distorting the definition of cloud computing; you can't be 100% web based without starting from scratch and building a new product.  Why is your accounting system still running on traditional on-premise servers and computers that are expensive and cumbersome to remotely access?  Just open your web browser and get to work.  No software to install, patch, upgrade, secure, or backup. It just works.
  3. Continuous improvement - Just last week all Xero customer's gained the ability to do online invoicing instead of emailing pdf file attachments.  Due to its modern technology platform, Xero can deliver continuous improvement without interruption.
  4. Web Services API - Xero's Application Programming Interface allows us and other vendors to extend Xero's functionality.  It's why you can combine Solve360, Freshbooks, and Google Apps with Xero and they integrate rock-solid reliably and in a simple manner.  Our customers are never stuck with accepting what Xero provides them because we can program extensions at a reasonable cost.
You get all this for a mere $39 USD per month for as many users as you need--there is no limit.  Contact us at Interlockit.com for more details.

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