Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Norada Solve360 CRM and Xero integrate beautifully in the cloud!

Congratulations to the Norada team on officially becoming a Xero Cloud Accounting Software CRM Add-on!

Interlockit.com is proud to be a Norada Solve360 CRM Strategic Partner and a Xero Certified Partner.

The Xero integration shows your customer's outstanding balances right on the Solve360 company or contact record.  You're only 1 click away from creating a new invoice, syncing the contact info from Solve360 to Xero, or opening the customer record in Xero.
At Interlockit.com we believe that the next killer business application in the cloud won't come from one vendor; instead it will be a multi-vendor fully integrated solution like Solve360 combined with Xero and Google Apps.

In fact, we've already replaced the expensive all-in-one cloud ERP solution from Netsuite at a customer site with Xero, Solve360, Freshbooks, Google Apps, and Mailchimp.  The customer's employees love the greatly improved functionality, ease of use, and on top of all that they're saving thousands of dollars per year in license fees.


  1. Awesome progress. This is the way technology is going. Cloud Interop

  2. Impressive that you were able to replace NetSuite with those solutions!


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