Sunday, January 20, 2019

New pricing for G Suite Basic and Business FAQ for Canada and USA

Google G Suite prices have remained the same for more than a decade despite providing a continuous stream of customer focused innovation and adding over a dozen new services.

If you are buying G suite from Google directly or through another Google Cloud Partner please visit this blog post to learn how to lock in today's pricing for 1 more year for significant savings!

We've created this FAQ to help customers understand the pricing changes and will continue to update it as new information becomes available for Canadian and USA customers in CAD and USD.

On January 16th, 2019 Google Cloud Announced price increases that will take effect April 2nd, 2019.

The new prices in USD and CAD are below:

G Suite EditionUSD (per user/month)CAD (per user/month)

Enterprise Edition prices remain the same.

You can find the current USD pricing and an overview of what's contained in each edition here:

A detailed comparison of the G Suite editions is here:

The $50/user/year G Suite Basic Annual plan which was a 20% discount over the $5/user/month ($60/user/year) Flex plan has been eliminated. Annual and Monthly Flex plans now cost the same overall per year. There will no longer be a discount for locking into an Annual plan.
Customers purchasing G Suite in Canadian Dollars (CAD) on either Annual or Monthly Flex plans directly from Google or from a reseller (confirmed January 22nd) will receive a limited time regional discount for the first year below:

G Suite EditionEnds April 1st, 2020
   (per user/month)
Starts April 2nd, 2020
   (per user/month)
Basic$7.02 CAD
(10% discount)
$7.80 CAD
(regular price)
Business$13.26 CAD
(15% discount)
$15.60 CAD
(regular price)

For customers on Annual plans the discount will apply to the full first year of renewals occurring April 2nd, 2019 until December 31st, 2019. Renewals prior to April 2nd, 2019 will not see a price increase until renewal in 2020. Annual plan customers cannot renew early/reset their contract term unless they upgrade to Business or Enterprise. Annual CAD renewals after December 31st, 2019 will not receive the regional discount.

Upgrading from Basic to Business Edition is actually a great option to reset your contract term and lock in the $10/user/month pricing for 1 more year. G Suite Business with Team Drives and Unlimited Storage is giving our customers freedom from traditional Windows file shares and other non-integrated, non-cloud storage solutions.

Canadian and US customers paying in USD will not receive any regional or transition discounts either direct or through partners.

The good news is that our customers currently on the monthly Flex plans have the additional option to switch to an annual plan before the April 2nd price increase and lock in today's Basic Edition for $50/user/year or Business Edition for $120/user/year for a full year.

Unlike customers, those buying directly from Google on monthly Flex do not have the option to switch to an annual plan before the price increase and save as much as 62% for 1 year.

If you know of organizations buying G Suite from Google directly please refer them to us at so we can also save them significant money for 1 more year!

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